Commonwealth Games 2018 : Mitchel Starc brother Brandon Starc won high jump gold medal

Mitchel Starc is out of IPL show but his brother is not as Brandon Starc won high jump Gold medal for Australia. Brandon Starc earned his own name by winning the gold at Commonwealth Games 2018 also known as Gold Coast 2018. We all knew Brandon as Australia’s pace battery Mitchel Starc brother, this time Brandon won his first medal that’s also a Gold at home soil, Starc family must very proud as Mitchel Starc bother Brandon Starc won high jump gold medal.

Brandon Starc won high jump gold medal

He made his best jump as with jump of 2.32 metres which was enough to grab the gold medal at CWG 2018. Mitche Starc was a happy man as he tweeted about his joy for his brother. See the tweet bellow.

He is eyeing more with future games as he said, “Hopefully I’ll keep going. [I’m only] 24. I think I’ve still got plenty of years left in me. But right now I’m just going to soak it all up and enjoy it.”

This winning gold become more special as It was Australia’s first high jump gold medal since 1994.