IPL 2019 Full Schedule – Date and Time of All Matches

The much awaited scheduled of IPL 2019 has been released. Have a look at IPL 2019 Full Schedule – Date and Time of All Matches bellow. If you want to go through some exciting records from IPL 2018 click here.

IPL 2019 Full Schedule and Venues : IPL 12

Find out the bellow IPL 2019 Full Schedule Date and Time of All Matches IPL 2019, 12th edition of IPL .

Date Match Time Venue
23rd March CSK vs RCB 8 P.M. Chennai
24th March KKR vs SRH 4 P.M. Kolkata
24th March MI vs DC 8 P.M. Mumbai
25th March RR vs KXIP 8 P.M. Jaipur
26th March DC vs CSK 8 P.M. Delhi
27th March KKR vs KXIP 8 P.M.. Kolkata
28th March RCB vs MI 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
29th March SRH vs RR 8 P.M.. Hyderabad
30th March KXIP vs MI 4 P.M.. Mohali
30th March DC vs KKR 8 P.M.. Delhi
31st March SRH vs RCB 4 P.M.. Hyderabad
31st March CSK vs RR 8 P.M. Chennai
1st April KXIP vs DC 8 P.M.. Mohali
2nd April RR vs RCB 8 P.M.. Jaipur
3rd April MI vs CSK 8 P.M.. Mumbai
4th April DC vs SRH 8 P.M.. Delhi
5th April RCB vs KKR 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
6th April CSK vs KXIP 4 P.M.. Chennai
6th April SRH vs MI 8 P.M.. Hyderabad
7th April RCB vs DC 4 P.M.. Bengaluru
7th April RR vs KKR 8 P.M.. Jaipur
8th April KXIP vs SRH 8 P.M.. Mohali
9th April CSK vs KKR 8 P.M.. Chennai
10th April MI vs KXIP 8 P.M.. Mumbai
11th April RR vs CSK 8 P.M.. Jaipur
12th April KKR vs DC 8 P.M.. Kolkata
13th April MI vs RR 4 P.M.. Mumbai
13th April KXIP vs RCB 8 P.M.. Mohali
14th April KKR vs CSK 4 P.M.. Kolkata
14th April SRH vs DC 8 P.M.. Hyderabad
15th April MI vs RCB 8 P.M.. Mumbai
16th April KXIP vs RR 8 P.M.. Mohali
17th April SRH vs CSK 8 P.M.. Hyderabad
18th April DC vs MI 8 P.M.. Delhi
19th April KKR vs RCB 8 P.M.. Kolkata
20th April RR vs MI 4 P.M.. Jaipur
20th April DC vs KXIP 8 P.M.. Delhi
21st April SRH vs KKR 4 P.M.. Hyderabad
21st April RCB vs CSK 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
22nd April RR vs DC 8 P.M.. Jaipur
23rd April CSK vs SRH 8 P.M.. Chennai
24th April RCB vs KXIP 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
25th April KKR vs RR 8 P.M.. Kolkata
26th April CSK vs MI 8 P.M.. Chennai
27th April RR vs SRH 8 P.M.. Jaipur
28th April SC vs RCB 4 P.M.. Delhi
28th April KKR vs MI 8 P.M.. Kolkata
29th April SRH vs KXIP 8 P.M.. Hyderabad
30th April RCB vs RR 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
1st May CSK vs DC 8 P.M.. Chennai
2nd May MI vs SRH 8 P.M.. Mumbai
3rd May KXIP vs KKR 8 P.M.. Mohali
4th May DC vs RR 4 P.M.. Delhi
4th May RCB vs SRH 8 P.M.. Bengaluru
5th May KXIP vs CSK 4 P.M.. Mohali
5th May MI vs KKR 8 P.M. Mumbai

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